About us

Sandgrevstur P/F is a family run company, founded in 1949 by Gordon Midjord who was the grandfather of the present owner, Gordon Martin Midjord. Thus it is the 3. generation which owns and operates the company today.

When the business started the main activity was to pump sand and gravel and sell it to other companies and individuals.

As time went by the company grew bigger and the activities increased. More ships were bought and the venture came more widely to include cargo shipping. In a period Sandgrevstur also owned fishing vessels.

It soon became important to get more work abroad and as things stand today, all vessels are operating abroad.


Today Sandgrevstur owns and runs 4 vessels but the company also leases other ships.

The last years a large part of the activity includes selling and transporting raw materials for concrete and asphalt production.

These raw materials are mostly sand and gravel from abroad, which are sold to concrete and asphalt production companies in the Faroe Islands and abroad.

Sandgrevstur also works as an agency which represent foreign ships when they come in Faroese ports.

Sales of sand and gravel to small businesses and individuals are made from the stock in Fuglafjørður.

Sandgrevstur has approximately 45 employees.


The current activity of Sandgrevstur can be divided into these groups:

  • pumping of sand and gravel
  • cargo shipping with own vessels and leased vessels
  • sale of materials for concrete and asphalt production companies, individuals, etc.
  • agency